Aircraft wing configuration- Low wing Aircraft

Low wing aircraft


There are various types of aerial vehicles. Aircraft are one of the them. Aircrafts are classified based on various criteria. One of the criteria of classification is based on the position of its wings. Aircraft are classified as 
1.Low wing aircraft

So today we are going to talk about low wing aircrafts.

What is this?

Have you ever seen this in the sky? click here for the explanation of this thing.

Low Wing Configuration

Low wing aircrafts are aircrafts whose wings are attached at the bottom of the aircraft fuselage. Now a days almost all the passenger aircraft have a low wing configuration.

Advantages of Low Wing Configuration

  •  The wings are attached at the bottom of fuselage so it is easy to refuel the aircraft.
  • Low wing configuration aircraft have a better visibility above and at the sides of the aircraft.
  • Low wing config causes better ground effect which increases lift and reduces drag of the aircraft when it is nearer to the earth's surface.
  • It supports the landing gears.

Disadvantages Low wing Configuration

  • Passengers visibility gets blocked.
  • Lack of space for movement on ground for ground staff at the time of aircraft maintainance.

Examples for low wing aircraft

1.Airbus A380

2.Boeing 787

What is this?

Have you ever seen this in the sky? click here for the explanation.

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