Advertise with us

Advertise with us

Aircraft Nerds offers you the opportunity to connect with a monthly audience of about 12,000, highly-engaged aviation professionals, aviation enthusiasts on our website. And more than 25,000 Facebook followers. To advertise with us, Simply email us your business details.

Types of Ads

We provide all type of ad spaces. It's your choice what type of ad you want to show. Choices of ads you can promote on our website and Facebook page.

Text Ads (your website's link)

Image Ads (Your business poster)

Sponsor complete article

Your choice Ads

With very minimal ad fees varying from $3 to $10.

Views based ads: - Pay for every 1000 of views on your ad. If no views, don't pay.

Monthly ads: - Show your ads for complete one month.

Click based ads: - Pay for a specific number of clicks. If no click, don't pay.

Sponsor complete article: - Pay only once and get unlimited views and clicks on your ads for a lifetime.

Periodic Ad Reports

Get periodic reports of your ads. And check your ad performance. We will provide you a complete report of your ad performance.

Aircraft Nerds monthly traffic Report

Monthly Visits

Audience Demographics

Audience Location

Audience Interest

For more details and advertise with us,

Mail us your business details on

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