Air Speed Indicator

Reading Air Speed Indicator

There are lots of instruments in Cockpit of Aircraft.
Today we are going to know about reading Air Speed Indicator (ASI) In simple words.
Air speed indicator is measuring instrument used to measure speed of Aircraft. Speed of aircraft is measured in Knots ( 1 Knot=1.852 Kph, 1 Knot=1.152 mph ). Air speed indicator consists of various colorful marking. And each of this color has some meaning. Meaning of each color is as follow,

1.White Arc :- White arc is known as flaps operating range. Lower limit(Here 40 Knots) of white arc is minimum steady flight speed of aircraft with Landing Configuration (Flaps & landing gears down). Upper limit(Here 85 Knots) of White arc is maximum speed allowed to aircraft with flaps extended.

2.Green Arc :- Green arc is known as normal operating range of aircraft. At the time of take off landing gears & flaps should be retracted at lower limit(Here 45 Knots) of green arc. Upper limit(Here 110 Knots) is maximum speed allowed to aircraft in turbulent air.

3.Yellow Arc :- Yellow arc is a speed range (Here 110 to 160 Knots)  of aircraft allowed in smooth air. If air flow is smooth only then pilot can take aircraft at speed range of yellow arc in Air Speed Indicator.

4.Red Arc :- Red arc is never exceed limit (Here 160 Knots) of aircraft speed.

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