Aircraft Wing Configuration- Mid wing Aircraft

Mid wing aircraft

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 Aircrafts are classified based on various criteria. One of the criteria of classification is based on the position of its wings. Aircraft are classified as 
1.Low wing aircraft

In previous posts we learnt about low wings & high wings. Today we are going to learn about Mid wing aircraft

Mid wing aircraft

Aircrafts with wings attached at the mid portion (height wise) of the fuselage are known as Mid Wing aircrafts. Generally almost all the combat aircrafts are mid wing aircrafts. Mid wing aircrafts use symmetrical aerofoils unlike high wing & low wing aircraft. As symmetrical airfoils give more speed.

Advantages of mid wing aircraft

  • Mid wing aircraft have better rolling movements than high wing & low wing aircrafts. They have better rolling stability.
  • Mid wing aircrafts can get lift in vertically reverse direction. This is what enable stunt aircrafts to  flip & fly.
  • Mid wing aircraft has less interference drag. To know about drags Click here. It is a reason for using mid wings in high performance  aircrafs.
  • Mid wings allows carrying weapons such as Missiles & Bombs.

Disadvantages of mid wing aircraft

  • Mid wing occupies lots of useful fuselage volume. This is the main reason that it is not used in commercial passenger aircraft.
  • Mid wings are generally attached at the rear side of fuselage causing shifting of centre of mass at rear side of fuselage.
  • If landing gears are wing mounted then it(Landing gear) should be bigger in length.

Example for Mid wing Aircraft

1.De Havilland Vampire T11

2.Brewster SB2A Buccaneer

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