Why flight attendant requests to open the window shade at the time of Takeoff & Landing?

Secret Behind Flight attendant's request

If you have ever travelled by an aeroplane, you would've experienced that at the time of take off and landing, the flight attendant requests you to straighten the seats, fold up tables and raise the window shade. Have you ever thought why the flight attendant makes these requests? We think flight attendant makes these requests so that we can enjoy the journey, but in reality the reason isn't so.

Lots of crashes happen at the time of take off and landing. So it is important to take precautions and be ready for any mishap. In a case of an aircraft accident, flight attendants have very few seconds to escort all the passengers out of the aircraft. Each and every second is important. So to take out all the passengers in the least amount of time, passengers are requested to fold up their table and straighten their seats, so that they will not get delayed due to tilted seat or due to tables.

Now about window shades
Most of the passengers are curious about air travel and keep watching outside the aircraft window and enjoy the view. So at the time of landing or take off if any, technical problem occurs outside the aircraft such as fire or smoke or structural damage, the passengers or flight attendants can see it from the window and warn the pilot.

I hope you people enjoyed this post and now  know why you should listen to the flight attendants when these requests are made.

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