Aircraft Brake systems:- Disk Brake

Aircraft Brake systems:- Disk Brake

Have you ever think about how aircraft with high speeds stops after landing? So here's the explanation to your questions about aircraft brake systems.

In aircraft there are three brake systems are used
  • Disk brake
  • Thrust reversal
  • Spoilers

Explanation about Disk brake is given below

Disk brake:-

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Disk brake in aircraft is same as disk brake used in our cars. So how this disk brake works? Wheel of aircraft or car is connected to disk. So as wheel rotates disk rotates with wheel. So by stopping rotation of disk, wheel can be stopped. Pilot applies disk brake after landing by rotating fpot pedal. Foot pedal can be used for two purposes. One for rudder & other for disk brake. If pedal is pushed rudder (Rudder is used for yawing motion of aircraft) can be moved & if pedal is rotated by applying force on upper part of pedal, disk brake comes into action. Disk brake works on principle of pascal's law. As pilot applies pressure on foot pedal piston comes in contact with disk & due to friction velocity of the disk reduced. So that velocity of wheel is reduced.
When disk brake is applied due to friction disk gets heated upto high temperature. Some times it causes wheels on fire.

This is all about Disk brake explained in simple language. If any queries related to this topic 

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