How does stealth technology work? (Stealth Technology behind B2 Spirit)

Stealth technology

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RADARs are used to detect aircraft. But there are some aircraft which are designed in such a way that they get ignored by RADAR. Those aircraft are known as stealth aircraft. Those aircraft are not actually invisible but they are somewhat ignored by RADAR.

But how stealth aircraft get ignored by RADAR?

In my previous post, I told about how RADAR works? 
RADAR uses reflection & Doppler effect (Doppler shift) property of Radio waves to detect aircraft. Radio waves after reflection from aircraft go back to the RADAR receiver. If we modified our aircraft in such a way that after reflection, Radio waves won't reach back to Radio receiver of RADAR Then our aircraft will remain undetected.
Stealth aircraft do something like this only to remain undetected!

Let's talk about world's most expensive stealth bomber aircraft B2 Spirit & stealth technology behind it.
B2 spirit is most expensive stealth aircraft in the world. The production cost of 1 unit of B2 spirit including its designing, engineering, etc. is $2.1 billion.

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Stealth technology behind B2 Spirit

B2 Spirit - Wikimedia

All the parts of B2 spirit are blended. So that this aircraft reflects the very little amount of Radio waves.
For maneuverability, this aircraft has two pair ailerons. One for normal flying & other for stealth flying. So that in a case of stealth flying reflection due to ailerons will be less.
Wings of the B2 Spirit are designed in such a way that whatever Radio waves aircraft will reflect back they will go away from Radio receiver of RADAR. Wings are angled backward.
The surface of B2 Spirit was coated with an alternate high-frequency material (AHFM). This material absorbs some amount of radio waves striking on aircraft.
The combination of these all features B2 spirit is low observable. B2 spirit is not 100% ignored by RADAR. But a number of Radio waves reflection is very low. Hence less observable.

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