Why Do Air Traffic Control (ATC) Towers Have Slanted Windows?

Air Traffic Controller slanted windows

Image from: - Wikimedia

While waiting for a flight at the airport you must have seen a tall tower at every airport. That tall tower is called as Air Traffic Controller. Air traffic control (ATC) is a service provided by ground-based controllers who direct aircraft on the ground.

Each airport has its own ATC Tower. Even if different airports have different ATC towers you will see one thing common in all which is their slanted windows. Slant angles vary but most of the time slant angle is 15°.  But why are ATC towers windows are slanted?

There are various reasons one of which is, Many people assume that they are designed that way to prevent the sun's reflection or glare from disturbing incoming pilots. But its not valid explanation. Because not all the windows surrounding ATC tower have slanted windows, so if that's the reason then even buildings surrounding ATC tower which are having flat windows can disturb pilot!

Here are some of the valid reasons,

Slanted windows collect much less rainwater & wind-blown dust that sticks to drops of water as compared to flat windows. So this provides a much better look through windows. So person inside ATC tower can get good vision through such windows. 

we see reflections in a glass all the time, for example from computer monitors or car windows. But air traffic controllers must not have any distracting reflections as they monitor flights. By slanting windows, any other light from inside the tower such as Computer screens, etc. is reflected up onto the ceiling, which is painted black.

So these are some valid reasons for slanted ATC tower windows.

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