shortest International Flight in the world

The World's shortest International Flight!

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In my Previous post, I mentioned about world's shortest flight. It is shortest domestic flight. This flight is between two islands in Scotland. But today I am going to tell you guys about world's shortest international flight.

Austrian Airline People's Viennaline provides world's shortest international flight. This flight is just eight minutes long. Just think about it, you will be in the another country just after flight of 8 minutes. This flight connects St. Gallen-Altenrhein in Switzerland to Friedrichshafen in Germany. Vienna Airline operates Embraer E170 for this shortest flight. The flight distance is just 20 km. Passengers can book this shortest journey between the two countries for around 40 euros.

(Route between two airports if traveling by car)
Courtesy: - Google maps

So, you can travel from Switzerland to Germany either by this flight in 8 minutes or by taking a train ride for two hours. If going by car it takes an hour to travel this distance of 63 km between two airports.

(Route between two Airports if travelling via train)
Courtesy: - Google maps

Previously, the world’s shortest international flight was a ten-minute journey between the Austrian capital Vienna and the Slovakian capital Bratislava.

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