How are Airbus planes named?

Commercial Airbus planes naming

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Airbus is leading Aircraft manufacturing company in Europe. From my previous post, we know how are Boeing aircrafts named. Today we are going to see how Airbus aircraft are named.

If you look closely at Airbus aircraft names you will see names with format A3XX. Such as A320, A350, A380, etc.

First commercial aircraft manufactured by Airbus was Airbus A300. Here A in A300 stands for Airbus. Airbus thought 300 will be the number of passengers in that aircraft. But later on, they realized that 300 passengers are a bit too much. For better performance, they reduced the number of passengers to 260 and named their aircraft A300B.

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After Airbus A300B, Airbus named their aircraft as A310, A320, A330, A340, A350, and A380. You can see the pattern. If any variants of these aircraft then those aircraft are named by just changing digits little bit. For example A318, A319 are shorter variants of Airbus A320, and A321 is a longer variant of Airbus A320.

Again same as Boeing aircraft, Airbus aircraft are named like Airbus A3XX-ABC

Here ABC is code for the engine used in Airbus Aircraft.
For example, take an aircraft A320-231.

Comparing A320-231 with A3XX-ABC

So, A is 2, B is 3 & C is 1

here 2 is series of aircraft A320-200, then 3 for IAE(International Aero Engine) and engine version 1. So name A320-231

For an Airbus A330-244

A is 2, B is 4, C is 4

Here 2 is series of aircraft A330-200, 4 for Rolls Royce engine & other 4 for Trent 775 at the 334kN thrust

Engine code  (Courtesy: - Wikipedia)

0 General Electric (GE)

1 CFM International (GE and SNECMA)

2 Pratt & Whitney (P&W)

3 International Aero Engines (P&W, RR, MTU, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, and IHI)

4 Rolls-Royce (R-R)

5 CFM International (GE and SNECMA) (CFM International LEAP-1A for A320 NEO Family)

6 Engine Alliance (GE and P&W)

7 Pratt & Whitney (P&W) (Pratt & Whitney PW1100G for A320 NEO)

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