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Types of Aircraft Slats

Boeing 747 slats - Aircraft Nerds
Boeing 747 slats - wikimedia

We know from my previous post: how slats work. Now in this post let's take a look at different types of slats.

Types of Slats

1. Fixed Slats or Slots
2. Automatic Slats
3. Powered Controlled Slats

Fixed Slats

Fixed slats
Fixed slats - Wikimedia
Aircraft slots - Wikimedia

Fixed slats are also known as slots. These types of slats are fixed at their position. They cannot be moved automatically or pilot cannot control such types of slats. This type of slats can effectively increase critical angle of attack but the biggest problem with this type of flap is a drag. This type of slat increase drag at(in) cruise flight and reduce the efficiency of the aircraft wing.

Automatic Slats

Automatic slats
BF-109 slats  - wikimedia

To overcome the drag problem of the fixed slats or slots automatic slats are used. Automatic slats are completely dependant upon the flow of air for its working. As airflow approaches wing, it gets divided into two parts. The point at which air gets divided into two parts is known as the stagnation point. As the angle of attack of the wing increases, stagnation point moves toward the bottom of the wing and air exerts a force on slats and slats extend automatically without any pilot control. This creates space in between aircraft slats and wing leading edge. Air passes in this space and energizes the air flow at the top of the wing. And delays the flow separation and hence aircraft stalling (stalling of the aircraft).

the disadvantage of this type of slats is such that these slats cannot be controlled by the pilot. The working of such slats is completely depended on the flow of air.

Powered controlled Slats

Powered controlled Slats
Airbus A380 Slats - Wikimedia

To overcome both of the disadvantages of above two slats, Powered Controlled slats are used. these types of slats are powered by electricity or by hydraulic power. Most of the modern aircraft use this type of slats. The pilot can control the position of such slats from the cockpit. Such type of slats has high reliability as compared to other two types of flaps.

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