What Are Red-Eye Flights


Whether or not you’re a frequent flyer, you’ve probably heard the term “red-eye flight.” What exactly is a red-eye flight and what are the pros and cons of taking one? If you’re curious, or you’re planning on booking and want to know what to expect, read on.

The term “red-eye” refers to the red eyes of sleepless passengers. Not everyone can sleep on planes and one of its side effects are, tired, red eyes.

Red-eye flights didn’t always exist. We are not certain when the very first red-eye was flown, but in the early days of air travel, airports didn't have night staff or equipment to offer red-eye-flights. A red-eye flight is a flight that commences late at night and lands early in the morning, usually taking off after nine P.M. and landing by five or six A.M. You will be flying overnight when typically, you would be asleep  (or at least any normal homo sapien would be).

Below we've listed out both the benefits and cons of embarking on a red-eye flight.


  • Red-eye flights are comparatively cheaper than flights at other times
  • Appeal to business travelers as they can avoid losing a work day in transit
  •  Less crowded than regular morning or midday flights
  •  Empty seat next to you 
  • More overhead bin space 
  • More likely to get your seat of choice
  • Security lines and check-ins lines are shorter 
  • Get your luggage faster at your destination
  • They tend to be on time


  • The potential for a sleepless night
  • Might end up being too lagged during the following day
  • Lesser flight options (not every airline provides red-eye flights)
Clearly, the pros outweigh the cons (especially if you're tight on budget)

Here are some tips that we offer you in case you are going to be traveling on a red-eye flight in the near future,


  • Book a window seat
  • Dress comfy
  • Bring sleeping essentials
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol pre-flight
  • Eat a small meal before boarding
  • Choose the later flight option
  • Invest in a good eye mask and ear plugs

this article has inspired you to try a red-eye flight on your next trip, here below are listed some of the websites that will find you the perfect red-eye flight that you are looking for (you're welcome). 
We hope you found this article useful. Thanks for reading!

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