Aircraft wing configuration- High wing aircraft

High wing aircraft


Aircraft are classified based on various ways. Aircraft are also classified according to their wings configuration. There are three types of wing configuration
2.Mid wing aircraft
3.High wing aircraft

In previous post we learnt about low wing aircraft for previous posts on low wing aircraft Click here. So today we are going to learn about High wing aircraft.

High wing aircraft

Aircraft having wings attached at the top of the fuselage are known as High Wing aircraft. Generally almost all the cargo aircrafts have a High Wing configuration.

Advantages of High wing aircraft

  • Better visibility for the passengers sitting at the side of wings unlike low wing aircraft.
  • Lots of space available for ground staff to do maintenance of the aircraft whereas low wing aircraft blocks the space.

 Disadvantages of High wing aircraft

  • It blocks the visibility of pilot while turning.
  • Refueling is a tedious task due to the height of the wing.

Examples of High wing aircraft

1.Antonov An-225

2.Airbus CASA C295

3.Boeing globemaster C17

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