Aircraft Flight Instruments (Gyroscope)

Gyroscope Flight Instruments

In previous post we learnt about flight instruments which uses pressure difference for their measurements. For previous post Click Here. Today we are going to know about flight instruments which uses Gyroscope for their measurements.

Attitude Indicator:- Attitude Indicator ( Also known as artificial horizon) in aircraft is used to to check orientation of aircraft. From this pilot can tell if aircraft is rolling or aircraft nose is pointing above or below. Attitude Indicator uses Gyroscope.

Heading Indicator :- Heading Indicator indicated the direction of motion of aircraft with respect to magnetic north. From this pilot can tell the direction of motion of aircraft.In Heading Indicator there is error due to friction.
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Turn Indicator:- It consists of turn & slip indicator & turn co-ordinator. Turn co-ordinator indicates rotation of aircraft about longitudinal axis. It also shows that if aircraft is slipping or skidding.

Slip:-when ailerons are used aircraft rolls but due to ailerons along with rolling aircraft undergoes yawing motion in the direction where aileron is in upward direction this motion of aircraft is known as slip.

Skid:-To avoid slip motion of aircraft pilot moves rudder in opposite direction. Excess yawing moment due to rudder is know as skid.

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