GEnx - Boeing 787 and Boeing 747-8 Aircraft Engine

Boeing 787 and Boeing 747-8 Jet Engine GEnx

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The GEnx is the fastest-selling jet engine in the world. It's a high-thrust jet engine manufactured by GE Aviation. GEnx-1B powers Boeing 787 Dreamliner and GEnx-2B powers four-engine Boeing 747-8.

GEnx-2B Boeing 747-8 Aircraft engine Assembly Timelapse

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GEnx engine is based on GE90 architecture. GEnx offers up to 15% improvement in fuel efficiency and produces 15% less CO2 as compared to GE’s CF6 engine. The GEnx engine uses the advanced materials and design processes to reduce engine weight. This improves engine performance and increases fuel efficiency of commercial aircraft.

(GEnx-2B Engine on Boeing 747-8)
Image from: - Wikimedia

Both front fan case as well as fan blades of GEnx engine are made up of carbon fibre. GEnx is world's first jet engine to use carbon fibre for both front fan case as well as fan blades.  Fan blades made up of  carbon-fiber composite make GEnx more efficient in design and further reduces weight. And also it a reduces blade count from 22 to 18 fan blades.

(GEnx-1B Engine on Boeing 787)
Image from: - Wikimedia

The low-pressure turbine of GEnx engine is light weight and more efficient. 6th and 7th stage of GEnx is made up of titanium aluminide. This reduces engine weight by approximately 400 lbs 181.437Kg. and increases fuel efficiency of the GEnx engine.

GEnx Engine Specifications

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GEnx Overview

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Data Source: - GEaviation

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