Boeing 747 extreme testing

Boeing 747 extreme testing

Boeing 747 - Wikimedia

(Collection of videos of Boeing 747 from youtube)

Boeing 747-8 Assembly time lapse

Here's the video of the 747-8 Freighter assembly at the Boeing Everett, Washington factory.

(Video credits Boeing)

After Boeing 747 assembly is over, it is time for testing!

Boeing 747-8 Taxiing test (High-Speed Test)

(Video Credits Derytaro)

Boeing 747-8 Tail dragging on runway test

This test of the plane is also called as the velocity minimum unstick test. By this test, the pilot can determine the lowest plane speed required for takeoff in various configurations. In this case, the plane takes off at the lower speed that expected take-off speed so that aircraft tail drags on the runway.
(Video credits Boeing)

Boeing 747-8 performs ultimate rejected takeoff

The Rejected Take-Off test is also known as RTO. It is one of the hardest tests which an airplane undergo. This test is performed under all the worst possible conditions. such as plane loaded with maximum take-off weight, without using thrust reversers, etc.
(Video credits Boeing)

Boeing 747-8 big water splash test

This test is done to know about the behavior of the plane and its engine on the runway with water on it.
(Video credits Boeing)

Boeing 747 Landing gear test

(Video credits Boeing)

Here, some of test on Boeing 747 are mentioned. Planes also undergo other tests such as stalling test, bird strike test, etc.

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